Here are some of the wonderful testimonials we have received so far after our school visits.

If you would like to have your own testimonial added to this page, please complete the form at the end of this page and send it over to us and we’ll add it to those shown above. We’d love to hear about your experience when Sam has visited you. Let us know how it went and any positive outcomes that occurred. It really makes ours and Sam’s day knowing that we have helped someone in some way.

“The response of the children to the “Sam’s Dog Rules” programme was unbelievable. Seeing their fears being eradicated before our eyes was just so rewarding and confirmed how essential this tuition is. Having previously tried in vain to find someone capable of teaching these skills, it was wonderful to see how “Sam’s Dog Rules” made it so easy for the children to understand, especially from the perspective of the dog.”

Karen McCarthy, Manager, Wesley Community House

“All schools need a visit from Sam the Dog. It was just fantastic! Visiting each class allowed the kids to interact with Sam and was far more effective than the children sitting in the hall with a dog handler up on stage. Our children learnt so much and loved being part of it, and we would like to have Sam visit every term.”

Lana Ferencz, Team Leader, Junior Syndicate, Three Kings School

“To see a four year old boy, who was previously terrified of dogs, use his newly learnt Sam’s Dog Rules, and pat Sam, was a tremendous moment. His reaction when he said “Wow! I was a brave Super Hero and patted Sam” summed up just how effective the programme is.”

Sue Nash, Director, Saint Kentigern Pre-School

Annie and Sam came to my school. This is dog whispering at its most pure. I had some students who feared dogs, and by the end of the interactive session, they were more confident. Even if we already ‘know’ dogs, Annie’s method will be beneficial. Recommended to anyone wanting to understand our best friend (and even the unfriendly ones).

Mr Vartha, June 6th 2012

I listened to the teaching of how to understand dogs from Annie from the back of a class at an Auckland school. Then was in Te Puke and faced with a very aggressive and untrained pitbull dog. I took a deep breath and stood my ground (put my courage on!) and stepped into the dog’s space and said “down” with a very stern voice. The dog literally backed away and lay down, totally submissive. My friend was blown away. Thanks Annie for teaching such clear instructions about DOG LANGUAGE and how dogs think and what they need to also be safe.

Mary Angelsea, May 2nd 2012

It was a good experience for children to learn about Dog Safety through direct contact with Sam. The NO TOUCH!, NO Talk! & NO LOOK rule and wearing a super hero suit was good forchildren as they talked through it.

Sangeeta Alluri, April 16th 2012

Sam coming to Wesley Primary was fantastic! He is so well behaved. The children loved having hom here, and the teachers thought it was a valuable learning experience.

Rae Parkin, April 3rd 2012

My group of Year4/5 students had such a beneficial experience with Sam, Annie, and Marj. The whole message behind No Look, No Touch, No Talk really got both the students and I thinking about how to approach and act when dogs are around or in certain situations. They absolutely loved the idea of putting on their superhero costumes. It was a very practical and worthwhile lesson. Thank you all again for giving us the opportunity.

Loren O’Hanlon, April 3rd 2012


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