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Have you seen us in Good Magazine yet?

13 Sep

Sams Dog Rules has been featured in the September/October issue of Good Magazine. Vanessa Young went along with Annie, Marj and Sam to see first hand how the ‘Sams Dog Rules’ programme works. The ‘Sams Dog Rules’ programme not only teaches children about packleader energy and how to be safe around dogs, but also how to exert a higher level of self-esteem. Here’s an extract from Vanessa’s article:

“Initially motivated by  a desire to try and reduce the number of dog bites in New Zealand, Annie soon discovered she was not only teaching dog safety skills, but ways to feel powerful, and how children could use this inner strength elsewhere in their lives.”

So far Annie and Marj have taken the Sams Dog Rules message to thousands of children at schools and preschools around the country, and will be continuing to reach as many children as possible with the Sams Dog Rules message.

If you haven’t already seen it, go and take a look at the full article in the September/October issue of Good Magazine on pages 108 – 109.

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