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If your dog misbehaves – check what YOU are feeling…

6 Sep

Written by: Annie Aubrey

Part One of the Energy Rules series of Dog Stories

Human bodies need to express what we think and then feel,  we cannot help it, this is just the way we are… As  human beings we are

very good at disguising and or hiding our feelings when we want to.

We are brought up to believe that “letting it all hang out “ so to speak,  is not good behaviour.    So we have learnt to show only that which benefits us. Sharing how we really feel, is only for those special girlfriend moments or over beer with your mate.

As a wee child you  may have been told  “big boys don’t cry” so we learned to hide our feelings in order to be OK with others.  There are many examples of how we have been

conditioned to respond, in order to disguise what’s really going on for us.

How often do you answer “I’m fine” or “All good”, when in actual fact you are screaming inside and not coping at all?

If we are introduced to someone we may not like, we go through a ritual of good behaviour.    I think in the olden days it was necessary so we “didn’t get shot”, today its just as important but with lesser consequences.  We may shake hands and say polite words.  We have become accustomed to using our sight and hearing to decipher where we stand with each other. We use words to confirm or deny what we believe we have perceived.

No matter what disguises we use, energy is always there and acknowledged on our subconscious level.   Our energy cannot lie.    It is there going before us, a beacon to us all, we have just learnt for the most part to ignore it.

Energy surrounds you like a bubble and animals can feel it before you even speak.  This bubble is our real truth not the disguise that we often present.

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