The power of Victim Energy

4 Dec

I haven’t got any dog stories to share with you this week.

This week I’ve been hearing stories start with the comment “Oh I feel so guilty”. Then they proceed to tell a story along the lines of “I feel so guilty I took a mental health day off work” or “I just couldn’t tell my friend I didn’t feel like having coffee with her today, so I made up a story”. It confirmed for me how easy it is to understand dog language. Human language, both verbal and physical is a dance in disguise. Often we say and do things in order to get a top up of energy from someone else.
You will notice that when listening to “I feel guilty´” stories your energy will change. It goes from feeling calm, to concerned /apprehensive to finally feeling really tired after you’ve heard the whole story.

This “guilty energy” is called Victim Energy.

If you do feel genuinely guilty for taking a mental health day from Guilty Dogwork or family you shouldn’t be doing it. This is because your guilt will never let you enjoy the day and you will spend most of it trying to get your energy fix from others.
This is a powerful form of energy. It draws us all in. It’s like they need reassurance that they will still be liked and/or loved by us. What they don’t realise is that they will continue to be liked and/or loved by us. They feel the need to create drama to get their energy fix off those of us who are drawn into their story.

I’m sure there are very few people in the world who don’t have anything to feel guilty about. It’s a part of our nature. Guilt usually comes from making decisions and not foreseeing the circumstances that unfold, that you had no intention of creating. In some cases this guilt can take a lifetime of trying to forgive oneself and or others.

In a dogs world this would not be tolerated.

The energy a victim creates is so uncomfortable that it upsets the whole pack. Calmness is no longer an option and the whole packs energy will change. In a dogs world people who elicit support by playing the victim would be given a severe growling. If they still didn’t give up this victim energy, they would be chased from the pack until they dropped the victim status.
Once they had dropped this victim status and realised they were safe, they would relax and the pack would return to being in a state of calm energy.
How easy to be a dog, it’s all very clear cut, calmness is what is required. I think the best I can do for myself and my energy is to make sure I don’t allow myself to become a victim, and when I hear a sentence that starts with ‘I feel so guilty” I should head for the hills!


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