A happy ending for a little Bichon Frise

27 Nov

A little Bichon Frise got rescued from the Humane Society by a lovely 80 year old gentlemen, his dog had just died.  At the same time, Bob had sold his house and moved in to the Peninsula Club in Whangaparaoa and was allowed to take his little dog with him.

It all got off to a bad start when his little dog flew at another dog and bit him quite badly.

Poor old Bob was horrified and decided that the safest thing to do would be to take the dog back to the Humane Society where he had got him from.

The Humane Society was most reluctant to take him back so Bob decided, the only sensible course of action was to have the dog put down.

One of the nurses at the Village took Bob and the dog to the Vets.  When they walked in there was a gentleman sitting there with his Dachshund.  Bob arranged with the vet nurse to leave his dog and for them to put him down.

Bob was obviously upset so the Nurse from the Village said “come on Bob we will go and have a coffee”.

They drove off and found a café and had been sitting there for ten minutes when the man from the Vets with the Dachshund came over and said “I am so glad we have found you, I would love the little dog you brought in.”  Bob said “Oh no you are too late he has been put down”. The man with the Dachshund said “We are not too late, I asked them to put him on hold until I found you”.

“I really like your little dog and know it would make a great pet for my daughter, could I take him off you?”.

Bob, of course was delighted and said “How did you find me, and what would you have done if you hadn’t found me?”   The gentleman said “I heard you say you were going for a coffee, and I would have gone to every café on the Peninsula until I found you.”

They went back to the Vets, organised the transfer of ownership, and Bob went away a happy man and so did the Bichon Frise.

Sometimes when we have difficult choices to make, we make them and lo and behold they can have the happiest of endings. Talk about serendipity.


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