Sam, Annie and Plato have been busy shifting house!

19 Nov

Sam’s finally shifted house with Annie and Plato.

The shift went really well because Annie made sure that the whole process was calm and relaxed. She was lucky because she had weeks to pack and get it all done in a nice leisurely manner so all we really noticed was the house getting smaller and smaller.   We did get a bit concerned in the last week, when Annie’s bed was gone, with everything else and all that was left was the couch and a bit of kitchen stuff.  For the last week we all slept in the lounge (Annie was on the couch), it was like camping out.  We all knew something was up with these actions.

Annie tried to keep everything as normal as possible, we still went for our walks, we went to work, I had my meals at my usual time.  I was put out at night at my usual time so I felt safe with the familiarity of it all, and so did Plato.

When we got to our new address, both Plato and I settled in like we had always lived there.  Annie did get a Feliway from the Vets.  This is a PLUG IN put straight into the power point and it releases pheromones that cats love.  This made Plato feel at home straight away.

Mandy and Mark, where we are staying are good Pack Leaders, but Plato is Mandy’s and Mark’s Pack Leader.  Every time he goes into the kitchen he chats away and Mandy feeds him, bits of bacon, bits of chicken, bits of beef.  He thinks he’s in cat heaven, because Annie is a vegetarian and we don’t get treats like that.

I will let you know when we find our new permanent home and in the meantime we love living here!


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