If your dog misbehaves – check what YOU are feeling…

6 Sep

Written by: Annie Aubrey

Part One of the Energy Rules series of Dog Stories

Human bodies need to express what we think and then feel,  we cannot help it, this is just the way we are… As  human beings we are

very good at disguising and or hiding our feelings when we want to.

We are brought up to believe that “letting it all hang out “ so to speak,  is not good behaviour.    So we have learnt to show only that which benefits us. Sharing how we really feel, is only for those special girlfriend moments or over beer with your mate.

As a wee child you  may have been told  “big boys don’t cry” so we learned to hide our feelings in order to be OK with others.  There are many examples of how we have been

conditioned to respond, in order to disguise what’s really going on for us.

How often do you answer “I’m fine” or “All good”, when in actual fact you are screaming inside and not coping at all?

If we are introduced to someone we may not like, we go through a ritual of good behaviour.    I think in the olden days it was necessary so we “didn’t get shot”, today its just as important but with lesser consequences.  We may shake hands and say polite words.  We have become accustomed to using our sight and hearing to decipher where we stand with each other. We use words to confirm or deny what we believe we have perceived.

No matter what disguises we use, energy is always there and acknowledged on our subconscious level.   Our energy cannot lie.    It is there going before us, a beacon to us all, we have just learnt for the most part to ignore it.

Energy surrounds you like a bubble and animals can feel it before you even speak.  This bubble is our real truth not the disguise that we often present.

With dogs and all animals they cut straight to the chase, their language is energy,  they feel us before they see, hear or touch us.     Energy is what they react to – nothing else.      Energy they understand.     Have you seen a cat tell a dog what to do, now cats don’t talk “woof “ and dogs don’t talk  “meow”, they feel energy, and  they know exactly where they stand with each other.

How Does this information Relate To You and Your Dog?

I met Jo last Sunday.  She had asked me if I could help her with her little foxy named Missie. Missie had a nasty problem of being aggressive to other dogs on their walks, not all the time, but enough to cause Jo concern.

Missie would also allow herself to be petted and sometimes for no apparent reason in the middle of being petted would lash out and try and bite the person petting her.

After spending some time with Jo and Missie  [who of course was on her best behaviour],  we had a good time going through the coaching.  Jo is a very able and competent dog owner, Missie was obedient and clearly a very happy dog.

The coaching came to an end and I was petting Missie telling her she was such a good girl, when out of nowhere she lunged and tried to bite me. This was good because we now had something to work with. I asked Jo ”What were you thinking just then?”

“Oh I don’t believe it” she said “ I was just thinking Missie never lets people pet her for that long I hope she doesn’t bite.”

And there it was.  The proof that dogs’ language is energy, Missie reacted to Jo’s negative thoughts.

Jo had the thought, her body processed her anxiety and Missie reacted to it.  Up until that thought, Jo had been very comfortable being in Packleader energy, That thought created anxious energy and Missie thought something was wrong and reacted, Packleader energy was absent from Jo and Missie took over.

Even though it was a fleeting thought for Jo her body still had to process it and Missie clearly told Jo that she could feel Jo’s anxiety.

Before she had left the house Jo was concerned Missie may attack another dog on her walk and that Missie would bite anyone petting her, so this became the “story” she had of Missie.

Jo is now working on making sure the “story” of Missie is changed to Missie Loves meeting all dogs and loves being petted.

It was wonderful to see how tuned in Missie is to Jo’s energy.  Jo got to see how diligent her thoughts must be when walking or instructing Missie. No room for doubt.

Another example of Packleader Energy

Marj our business partner had a similar experience about Packleader energy but from the other side of the coin.  Marj was never very fond of dogs and admitted she was a bit afraid of them until we started working together.

Marj was visiting a friend who was minding her son’s dog, a pit bull named Brutus.  Marj’s friend was also a bit afraid of Brutus so she would put him in the pool area as its fully fenced.  Her son was due home and Marj’s friend felt she had to let the dog out before her son got home but was most reluctant to do so.

Marj had been very glad the dog was behind the fence all day as the dog’s behaviour felt quite aggressive.    As her friend let the dog out it raced to the front door just as Marj came out.      Acting on her new knowledge of Pack Leader Energy and its importance, Marj stood her ground and said very firmly “sit down now”  and Brutus did, he dropped to the ground and responded immediately to the instructions given, and started wagging his tail.     This dog, needed a leader, and without one was trying to fill the gap because the Pack Leader energy was absent and he was responding to her friend’s anxiety.

Dogs happy, Packleader in charge.

It wasn’t the command that created the calm submissive dog but Marj’s faith in her Packleader energy, her body processed her confident thoughts and the energy created from these thoughts was calm assertive/Pack leader energy and that’s what Brutus responded to.

Quick Reacting Dogs

Both Missie and Brutus reacted within milliseconds to both Jo and Marjs’ energy that was created from their thoughts.

Isn’t it wonderful that we no longer have to look for faults in our dogs, we can see clearly we are the reason our dogs behave as they do.  Children respond in the same way, they feel our energy and behave accordingly, they both reflect what we are feeling.

So as a result our first port of call when action is needed is ourselves, “What are we thinking”

We are what we think

We feel what we think

What we feel gets created.

Only human beings will follow unstable packleaders  –  animals will not.

If you are having trouble with your dogs or children look to yourself first, understand what energy you are in and choose accordingly.

Go the “Packleaders”.

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